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Dislodged Teeth

If you sustain an injury to the mouth, your tooth may be pushed into its socket or pushed partially out of the socket. Your dentist may be able to reposition and stabilize the tooth. If the tooth has been pushed into its socket, root canal treatment is usually begun within a few weeks of the injury. A medication such as calcium hydroxide will be placed inside the tooth and a permanent root canal filling will eventually be placed.

If the tooth was pushed partially out of the socket, your dentist was able to stabilize it and the pulp (tissue within the root) remains healthy, no other treatment will be required. But if the pulp is damaged or becomes infected, root canal therapy will be necessary.

Avulsed Teeth

If you suffer an injury in which your tooth is avulsed, meaning knocked completely out of your mouth, you need to seek treatment immediately. Your tooth can be saved if it is kept moist. You may put it back into the socket or place it in a glass of milk or in a glass of water with a pinch of salt added to the water. Your tooth may require endodontic therapy but your treatment will depend upon the stage of root development (depending on age), how long the tooth remained out of your mouth and the way the tooth was stored prior to treatment.