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Traumatic Dental Injuries in Children

Because a child's teeth are immaturely developed, one of the following treatments may be necessary to improve the likelihood of saving the injured tooth:


This procedure is used to encourage the root to continue its development as the pulp heals. Medication is used to cover the injured pulp tissue to encourage its growth. The tip of the root (known as the apex) continues to close and the walls of the root canal thicken as the child matures. If the pulp heals, no additional treatment is necessary.


In this procedure, unhealthy pulp is removed and medication is introduced into the root canal to stimulate a hard tissue to form at the root tip. The hardened or calcifying tissue then provides a barrier for the root canal filling. The tooth can be susceptible to fractures because the root canal walls will not continue to develop. Proper restoration of the crown part of the tooth will serve to protect the tooth and minimize the possibility of tooth fracture.